Why use a Trolleychum?

We all know that we cannot protect a baby from all of life’s germs. The Trolleychum cushion will, however, help to prevent your baby from coming into contact with some nasty germs and bacteria lurking in the seats and on the handles of shopping trolleys.

As numerous different shoppers touch the same shopping trolley, the chance of spreading germs is high. When you take a shopping trolley out of the line up, hundreds of people may have used it before you. You have no idea when the trolley was last cleaned and disinfected properly.

Using the Trolleychum will give parents peace of mind and we believe that all babies deserve the best a parent can do to keep them healthy.

An recent article published in the Irish Independent highlighted evidence that supermarket shopping trolleys can expose shoppers,  particularly small children who often ride in the trolleys, to harmful bacteria, including salmonella.

A recent studyshowed that supermarket shopping trolleys have more germs than public toilets, with shopping trolley handles contaminated with a variety of bodily fluids (at worst urine, saliva, blood, mucus or faeces). Most shopping trolleys would fail a basic hygiene test.

The hygiene of shopping trolleys and baskets has been questioned in several public forums with concerns relating to potential disease transmission caused by environmental contamination, contact by multiple handlers and placing young children into seats and the trolley itself.

As msnbc.com reported, although exposure to dirty shopping trolley handles can make your child sick - Charles Gerba, the study's lead researcher, pointed to earlier studies that showed an increase in infections like salmonella in children that ride in shopping trolleys.

iVillage also recently alerted parent to the risks.

How germy could shopping trolleys really be? The answer is VERY, according to researchers at the University of Arizona who tested all kinds of public surfaces. They found that shopping trolleys were loaded with more saliva, bacteria and even faecal matter than escalators, public telephones, and even public bathrooms.

A study from researchers at the University of Arizona found that a full 50 percent of shopping cart handles tested showed traces of E. coli, and more than 70 percent had traces of faecal bacteria. Think about that when your toddler starts teething and slobbering all over the handle!

Studies show that Restaurant high chairs are also contaminated with bacteria and are only wiped down. They are not routinely disinfected.

This is what your baby is touching when you put them into an unprotected shopping trolley or restaurant high chair. It is exposing your baby to germs and possible sickness.