About Our Product

Combining simplicity and convenience, our Trolleychum cushion covers the inside of the shopping trolley seating area, providing a 360° germ-free zone, so that your little one’s mouth and hands are kept away from germs and bacteria.

The cushion has two leg openings facing front and a safety strap to help your little one sit more securely.

The flamboyant colours, patterns and toy loops on each cushion create a lively play-zone and there is no risk of the toys falling onto dirty floors.

It is portable, easy to carry and folds into a compact size that can be easily stored in your car or at home.

It is 100% cotton fabric with polyester filling and is machine washable.


Product Key Features:

  • Designed to fit standard shopping trolleys
  • Provides a 360° germ-free zone
  • Bottle holders
  • Toy loops to attach baby’s favourite playthings
  • Extra wide safety strap helps keep baby secure 
  • 100% soft quilted cotton for the utmost comfort
  • Machine washable
  • Doubles as a high chair cover
Flamboyant colour patterns!